The Ready Nutrition™ Brand Vegetable Garden-In-A-Can


It is truly simple to produce your own lush food garden!

All it takes to get started is one Ready Nutrition Brand Homestead Vegetable Garden-In-A-Can, some good dirt, clean water, a healthy dose of sunshine and a little TLC every day! Before you know it, you’ll be up to your ears in fresh food — enough to feed up to a family of eight for a whole year! With the Homestead Vegetable Garden-In-A-Can:

  • Produce enough fresh food for a family of eight for a whole year with just one can
  • We test each and every seed batch for reliability to make sure you grow the most productive crop
  • We source only heirloom seed varieties b/c we truly believe the old adage that says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
  • Our seeds are sourced through American farmers who pledge to never, ever use GMO crops
  • Upside down & inside out, our seeds are tested to make sure they are positively pesticide free
  • You can bet the farm that we will make it right by you if you’re ever unhappy with any of our products—guaranteed!

We are here to help you grow a prolific garden whether your thumb is green, brown or somewhere in between!