French Breakfast Radish


Not your ordinary radish!

French Breakfast Radish grows uniquely shaped, elongated roots that are up to three inches long. The bi-colored roots are vivid scarlet-red with bright white tips. Their sweet, crunchy flesh makes for a perfect eye-catching snack anytime! Munch on French Breakfast Radish alone or add them to salads for that signature delicious radish spiciness.

French Breakfast Radish are high in vitamin B6, dietary fiber, vitamin C and iron.

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French Breakfast Radish grows quickly and has a decent bolt resistance. Seeds can be started in early Spring or Fall. They produce the most flavorful yields in cooler weather. Temperatures 70 degrees or above cause them to be more pungent. Harvest your French Breakfast Radish when small. Check to see if the root is ready for harvest by carefully digging around it to measure the diameter. Your radishes are at their peak flavor when roots are about one inch in diameter or smaller. As French Breakfast Radish enlarge, their flavor can become woody.

Additional information

Weight .07 oz

2.0 grams


175 seeds

Days to Harvest

25 days


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