It happened over 125 years ago when my pioneering great-great-grandmother, Lillie May Busby, drove her covered wagon across Oklahoma through Texas with her 17 children. Although they were poor, my family knew how to make do with very little. They produced enough food to feed the whole family along their journey through unchartered territory.

Today we carry with us that same pioneering spirit as we push through new boundaries on our modern voyage to rediscover the purpose of self-reliance, independence and sustainability.

All it takes to start on your journey is Ready Nutrition’s Homestead Vegetable Garden-In-A-Can®, some good dirt, a fresh water source, a healthy dose of sunshine and a Little TLC every now and again.

Join our family in the garden!

Tess Pennington


How To Make Compost Tea for Bigger Yields

Soil is one of the most important ingredients you need for a productive garden. In order to have a lush garden that grows big, juicy vegetables, you need lots of nutrients in the soil. Over the years, I have read a lot about gardening and came across the Soil Science...

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The Gardener’s To-Do List for Spring

Spring is a busy time for the gardener. It's time to start cleaning up the garden space, mucking out the chicken coops, sharpening tools, starting seeds and getting that garden planted! We try and use the cooler days of Fall to get a head start on the spring chores....

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