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5 Reasons Why Heirloom Seeds are the Best for Gardening

Heirloom seeds are the way to go for superior flavor and continual harvests. Make your investment in seeds worthwhile by choosing the same seed varieties your ancestors did. Your health matters and having the right seeds for your garden is paramount.

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How Much Food Can I Grow For a Year Supply of Food?

Many gardeners are striving to reach a point where they are free from running to the grocery stores. They want food freedom and are actively taking steps to embrace this sustainable lifestyle. But how much food does it take to feed a family for a year?

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10 Seeds to Plant for the Survival Garden

Survival seeds are one of those long-term preparedness measures that every family should have. If the days come when a survival garden is needed, the family will be happy to have invested in such an important prep item. 

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It happened over 125 years ago when my pioneering great-great-grandmother, Lillie May Busby, drove her covered wagon across Oklahoma through Texas with her 17 children. Although they were poor, my family knew how to make do with very little. They produced enough food to feed the whole family along their journey through unchartered territory.

Today we carry with us that same pioneering spirit as we push through new boundaries on our modern voyage to rediscover the purpose of self-reliance, independence and sustainability.

All it takes to start on your journey is Ready Nutrition’s Homestead Vegetable Garden-In-A-Can®, some good dirt, a fresh water source, a healthy dose of sunshine and a Little TLC every now and again.

Join our family in the garden!

Tess Pennington

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