Red Russian Kale


Truly a superfood that keeps on giving all season!

So pretty Red Russian Kale could easily be a landscaping plant. Our Russian Red Kale isn’t really red, but rather a deep gray-green that turns purple in the winter months. The robust flavor isn’t overwhelming and every inch of these leaves (including stems) can be eaten. Add leaves to smoothies, soups, and salads or make your stir-fry extra healthy!

Low-calorie, low-carb, and low-fat, Red Russian Kale packs a powerful punch of protein and antioxidants. Just one serving provides a day’s worth of vitamin A and vitamin C — eating it regularly promotes eye health and reduces your risk of cancer.

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Red Russian Kale can be left outside all winter — frost actually improves its flavor! Spread seeds 12-inches apart and cover with one to two inches of loose, nutrient-dense soil. Mulch or hoe regularly to keep your crop weed-free and well cultivated. Red Russian Kale is a cut-and-come-again vegetable, so the more you harvest, the more delicious leaves your plants will produce for you!

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